Holy F@$%ing Knee in London


At Cage Warriors 74, on 15 November 2014, in London’s Olympic village, the who defeated Conor McGregor, Joseph Duffy, faced French fighter Julien Boussuge. Actually, the Irish lightweight didn’t so much face Boussuge as, well, knee him in the face.

Duffy showed eerie timing, initiating the knee seemingly at the identical moment Boussuge began his level change, and then the two met in the middle. Duffy showed great sportsmanship, pulling two shots that were there. For his part, Boussuge slept through the ending.

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship

HFS Origins

One of the former owners of the dominant and defining league in mixed martial arts was asked once to define the power of the sport.

“… there’s the holy s*** factor,” he explained. “Actually, they said ‘the holy f***ing s*** factor.’ It happens at every fight. At least one or two times in every show, whether you say it out loud or you say it to yourself, you go, ‘holy s*** did that just happen?’ I mean, you might see somebody do a flip, get kicked in the head, get knocked out with a punch. At some point, you’re going ‘whoah, did that just happen? Did I really just see that?’ That’s the nucleus of what our product is.”

We scour the sport to find those HOLY F@$%ING S#!^ moments from across the globe.