Unregulated Fights

Kung Fu Instructor challenges MMA fighter to a fight with no rulesvideo

Kung Fu Instructor challenges MMA fighter to a fight with no rules

Kung fu instructor walks into an MMA gym and challenges them to a no-holds-barred fight and they agree. I just assumed everyone in the world had seen UFC 1, guess not?! Via our friends at Mr. Jiu-Jitsu.
Street fighter says MMA doesn't work - challenges MMA fightervideo

Street fighter says MMA doesn’t work – challenges MMA fighter

Guy walks into an #MMA gym and says MMA doesn't work. #dumb

Unregulated Russian MMA in the sand ENDS FAST

Unregulated Russian MMA in the sand ENDS FAST. Via Arrows Street Fight championship STRELKA and fight.co_/

Backyard wrestler vs. BJJ MMA fight

This backyard wrestler vs. BJJ MMA fight ended predictably, but isn't safe, smart, or cool. People doing a sport they know nothing about isn't tough, it's goofy, like children running around making vroom vroom noises while pretending to fly. Do hard MMA sparring in the gym under proper supervision, or the arena. And take your socks off.

This is why living room MMA is COMPLETELY STUPID

Winning the Living Room MMA title doesn't make you tough, it makes you COMPLETELY STUPID. Fighting without taped hands means if you can hit hard, you'll break your hand. Sparring with 4 oz MMA gloves mean you enjoy being cut in the face. And those are vinyl knockoffs. Sparring with no mat, means your head can hit something solid and you can die. Sparring with no supervision means you are stupid. If you want to be tough, train at a gym. This isn't tough, it's stupid.

Backyard MMA fight ends with now unusual finish

Fighting is in our DNA, but there is a reason ambulances and doctors are required at fights. Fighting in the backyard isn't smart and it's not even that tough - training for a real fight at a fight gym is.

This could have been fatal

Mixed martial arts sparring should be done in the gym, under the supervision of an experienced trainer. This KO caused a fall where the head whipped to the ground inches from the fireplace.

Controversial Fight Club Thailand

Controversial Fight Club Thailand holds unregulated outdoor #MMA fights in the park.

MMA with weapons in the woods

These badasses head into the woods and do MMA with weapons.

Pre UFC 1 Gracie Challenge

Pre UFC 1 Gracie Challenge between Royce Gracie and then 68-0 undefeated Kung-Fu expert Jason DeLucia. DeLucia would go on to become the first person to win via Rear Naked Choke in the UFC.
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