Real karate kids now do MMA

We encourages coaches, parents, teachers, and peers to promote non-violent conflict resolution, but if a bully is harassing your child and push comes to shove, it's better to know #MMA than not. Via our friends at WeLoveBJJ
Bully finds out homeless man knows Judo - gets hit with the PLANETvideo

Bully finds out homeless man knows Judo – gets hit with the PLANET

Bully in Brazil pushes around a homeless man, only to be HIT WITH THE PLANET. #Judo #Kuzushi

Takes multiple good samaritans to stop bulling

Bullying is one of the worst things in schools, and can take a lot to stop. One bully attacks a smaller boy, and when a good samaritan steps in, multiple boys swarm him, before yet another, larger good samaritan swoops in.

Little guy makes big bully stand down

This little guy makes a gigantic bully stand down #FootworkAndCardio

Bully picks on the WRONG homeless man

Bullies pick on a homeless man. Didn't know Rocky Lockridge used to be a world champion #Boxing

Smaller kid learns hard lesson

Hopefully this smaller kid learned his lesson and never tries to bully anyone ever again. #dontbully

Little wrestler makes short work of big bullly

Big #bully learns an important lesson from little wrestler.

Bully vs. boy with backpack

Bully taunts and taunts and taunts as the boy with the backpack wisely walks away, until the bully strikes and the boy has no choice but to defend himself. It is bad to fight, but if forced to fight, then win. #MartialArts

Tough Russian defends a friend from group

Russian sees a friend being picked on by a group, and when they turn violent, he isn't having it.

Bully pushes kid over and over and over

Bully pushes kid again and again and again and while a female bully eggs it on until finally the little guy has to wrestle a little. #DontBully #Wrestle
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