Bully meets boxer – just one shot

Bully meets boxer on the Atlantic City boardwalk and has attitude ADJUSTED.

Television prank show FAIL

French hidden camera television prank show FAILS when an innocent spectator was a trained Taekwondo expert with expert timing gets sucked in.

Massive officer unable to subdue small suspect

In a massive demonstration of the NEED for Jiu-Jitsu training, two police officers, one of the massive, are unable to control a small suspect without ineffectively hitting him in the head (which is as damaging to the hands as it is to the head).

Two guys attack one, make unexpected discovery

One more reason to NEVER fight on the street - Two guys attack one, and make unexpected discovery ... the victim is ARMED with a LARGE blade.

Excellent use of environment

Excellent use of environment, as man backs out of elevator so he couldn't be surrounded, and ended up dropping three adversaries.
Old man forced to defend himself against two guys, one with a machete!video

Old man forced to defend himself against two guys, one with a machete!

#ThisOldMan knocks out two guys, one of them armed with a machete. Fighting on concrete can and has lead to death. If possible it is far smarter to run. #AtLeastHeWasMovingAtTheEnd

Judoka attacked by two men in road rage incident

Two men ripped off the side mirror of a Judoka's soft top Audi in Birmingham, England recently. They then snatched his keys. He defended himself ably, hitting one of them with the planet Earth. #AshiWaza
Real-life fight with long knives in Englandvideo

Real-life fight with long knives in England

Real life duel with long knives in Stoke-on-Trent, England between Alan Bishop, 40, and Russell Morris, 45. The crazy fight took place in front of Morris' home after Bishop (skins) discovered his ex-girlfriend was inside. Both fools got 20 months in jail. Fighting on the street isn't tough, it just shows poor conflict resolution skills.

Giant looks for a fight

Huge guy goes looking for a fight and finds the consequences of one behind his left ear. Please don't fight on the street - just walk away. The fall onto a hard surface can and has killed and caused serious injury. And for nothing.

You have NEVER SEEN ROAD RAGE like this one

You have never seen ROAD RAGE like this next level RUSSIAN ROAD RAGE. The shirtless man faces down the armed occupant of the car, who shoots at him, and destroys the vehicle with stomps, drop kicks, and bending the doors nearly off the hinges.
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