Ukemi saves a life

Bike dies by man lives due to excellent ukemi. Via our friends at @jiujitsuviciados
Worst machine gun self-defense technique EVER?video

Worst machine gun self-defense technique EVER?

When faced with a machine gun and a hand gun, this is not the first thing we would try #ChiBall
Aikido - Fantasy vs. Realityvideo

Aikido – Fantasy vs. Reality

Aikido is a wonderful martial art, like Yoga, but it has no practical value in a self defense situation. A handful of times in the past 100 years a practitioner had the integrity to actually try it. The results are reality. Via our friends at @dumbassmartialarts

Skinny Steven Seagal debut in a baseball bat fight

Skinny Steven Seagal debut in a baseball bat fight in the Steven Seagal co-produced 1988 American action documentary Above the Law (1988).

The 4th Night of Traditional Martial Arts: Aikido, Jodo, and Tameshigiri

The 4th Night of Traditional Martial Arts, including Aikido, Jodo, and Tameshigiri, on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at the Pierre de Coubertin gymnasium in Paris.

Demonstration of Aikido used on the street

Demonstration of #Aikido used on the street, with LOUD Kiais! Via our friends at the World Center of Real Aikido in Croatia.

Steven Seagal’s FIRST film: Have you seen this girl?

"Have you seen this girl?" asks Steven Seagal in the 1988 American documentary Above the Law. The role came about after his #Aikido student Michael Ovitz financed a screen test.

Aikido adept demonstrates Self Defense techniques, with Kiai

#Aikido adept demonstrates #SelfDefense techniques, with Kiais. Many, many kiais.

Interesting Aikido flow demo

An ... interesting and nice flowing Aikido 'demonstration'.

Seagal spars UFC fighter

Steven Seagal spars with Rafael Cavalcante, the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. He is a black belt under the legendary Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira.
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